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SEO Website Traffic Generation Blueprint Review

SEO Website Traffic Generation Blueprint Review

SEO Website Traffic Generation Blueprint Review

So you want to make a website that will cause people to buy your product or service, don’t you?

Building a brand awareness campaign is an important part of the process.

One of the many benefits of creating a strong brand awareness with a quality SEO website is that it will result in mentions in popular blogs and forums, increased visits to your website and possibly even .edu and .gov links. These are powerful links that will help bring quality traffic to your site and brand awareness.

Recently I have read an article by Andy Bevis, owner of net position 24, during his visit to the White House to receive the award of Most Outstanding ties for his efforts in improving internet relations with his local community. Andy won the award for promoting awareness for Stand Out Video, a program that has providedoys and displays advertising for businesses throughout the D.C. area.

When you consider that there are more than 2.5 million websites on the Internet and that more than 100 million of those websites are built every single day, it is clear that name recognition is vital for an online business. Knowing that the more exposure you and your business Internet website receives, the more you will be noticed and subsequently recognized by the search engines and your target audience, you need to evaluate your online marketing.

How do you go about making your website stand out?

You could use professional assistance to achieve your goals or you could engage an SEO company to help you build your knowledge and skills so that you can achieve the success goals of your business and life.

Regardless of the methods you choose to use, the goal of search engine optimization is to increase the flow of traffic to your website by ranking highly in the search engines. If you want to achieve online success and eventually earn massive amounts of money by setting up a successful SEO campaign, you must develop a thorough understanding of SEO website traffic generation methods.

SEO techniques can be broken down into two different categories which would be on-page and off-page optimization.  You can use both of these methods to maximize your website’s traffic generation potential.  In this article, I am going to discuss only on-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to those search engine optimization techniques that involve the setup of your actual website.  When it comes to on-page optimization, you must make sure that your website is setup so that the search engines can easily index your content.  This will limit the search engine spamming to the content of your site and not the other way around.

The first step in setting up your website for on-page search engine optimization would be to choose the right keywords to help you with the ranking.  Admittedly, this is a challenging task to perform.  You need to look at the keywords that most internet users are using and see which ones are getting the most results.  There are tools that can help you with the keyword research.  I recommend using the tool at Wealthy Affiliate to find out which keywords would be best for you to use.  You should use different keywords for each page of your website.

Also, you need to place your keyword in different places in your website.  The first place would be in the title tag of your website.  The title tag is found within the head part of the website, which is the first part that the search engine crawls.  This crawler wants to find the keyword from your title so it can list it in the search engine.

In addition, you need to sprinkle your keyword phrase all throughout your page.  The frequency of your keyword varies from page to page.  It is best if you sprinkle it every hundred words or so, as that would make your website more favorable.

If you are using WordPress, you will find a number of plugins that you can download onto your website, that will help you with your on-page SEO.  You need to download these plugins into your website’s menu starting from the top and working your way down.  The on-page SEO plugins will make it much easier for you.

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