SEO Tips: Link Building

SEO Tips: Link Building

In the era of the internet, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a must for every business. Basically, search engines look for pages that are relevant to the keywords the consumer or searcher enters. One of the ways to rank higher in the search engine results is to establish as many links as possible from other sites with the same keywords.

Not all links are created equal. One quality link can be worth ten average links. One important aspect of links is the text, which should contain the keywords or key phrases. If the link is on a site with a similar theme, it is a better option to link with them.

Keyword Density:When considering links, the text in the link should be relevant and contain the keywords. It is also important not to use words that are not related to the something you are selling.

Anchor Text:It is important the text in the link is properly linked and contains the keywords or key phrases. If the link is just a single word, it is probably needless to use keyword-rich anchor text. Instead, it is better to employ the words that naturally come up in the content of the site being linked to.

Wikipedia:Although it may not be a link, generally Wikipedia is a trusted link. Since the site is a “per Wikipedia” site, the link is given more importance.

Video:The way video is submitted is also worthy of noting. If the video link contains the keywords, it can greatly help in ranking higher in the search results. The keywords should actually be used in the title and description before submission.

vendors:Quite a few e-commerce sites have vendor listings, which have been known to help drive traffic to a site. These links are chosen randomly and are placed on the page with the same content as the rest of the page. It is said that some of the most popular e-commerce sites have been known to generate about 5-10 percent of their traffic from these links.

Encourage sales:The more sales a page makes, the higher it will be ranked in the search engines. Sometimes, pages that are not selling anything at all can drive traffic to the same page, especially if it contains traffic-generating links. Therefore, it is important to have your sales page as high in the search results as possible.

Keyword-rich Links

Links are not all the same. For example, if the text is “click here” on a web page, there is no benefit for the user (shorter the user stays, the less chance of making further actions), whereas if there is a hyperlink that contains the keyword, there is a benefit.

This is why some prefer text links than images.To know how to build SEO links, you need to know how search engines work.

When search engines are trying to decide what pages to show, they will look at how many other sites link to that page. If several similar pages have links from several sites, it isPerhaps these pages are aiming the same way as the target page.

Search engines will further decide that the page is important and will therefore, not show irrelevant pages.

Links can be Further Analyised

While some of the links in the article are directly relevant to the subject of the page, some may not be. For example, a page about SEO and link building might contain links about digital cameras and scanned books. In this case, the search engine will find the links relevant, because they are about the subject of SEO.

Some SEO consultants will target niche keywords. In this case, they will add one or two links to the page in order to create interest and diversity in the subject.

However, some SEO consultants will add links from hundreds of relevant pages throughout their client’s website. In this case, the Google SEO should not see them as direct links to the client’s website. These links will be of no benefit to the client’s website.


Google SEO and link building are important to increasing page rank and attracting more visitors to a website. If the Google SEO and link building used by a consultant are used correctly, it can increase the number of visitors to a website, give them better search engine rankings, and even improve their website’s conversion rates.

REBOUND: bothering about returning visitors to your site after a while.

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