Seo Meta Tag Descriptions

Seo Meta Tag Descriptions

SEO Meta Tag Descriptions Hints For Optimizing Your Meta Tag And Keywords

If you are working on Search Engine Optimization for your website, a crucial part of optimization is keyword meta tags and description meta tags. These tags are within the header of a website. They are easy to locate since they are part of the site code. Search engines look for these tags when they are cataloging the site for rankings. The tags contain the important keywords for the website. The description will be a concise explanation of what the page is about. Where possible use keywords to name pages.

The description meta tag will be a HTTP header. This will be the first text that is displayed of the page that is being indexed by the search engine. This is why they are one of the more important parts of optimization. Not all search engines utilize these tags, but they are vital to every engine. As with the title tag, the description should be pertinent to the page’s content.

The keyword meta tag is not a meta tag. Keywords for each page are contained in this tag. Even if this tag does not have relevance in search engine ranking, it is used by some engines as a default browser setting. This allows you to make the text format of the tag attractive to both readers and the search engines.

How a search engine views your site can Also be viewed by the visitor. If you have a link to your site in another page, within another site, or in the DMOZ directory, the search engine will view the site in accordance with how they view sites in the DMOZ directory. If you are not in the DMOZ directory, you will have to evaluate the search engines and find where they pull your links in the DMOZ directory. In all but the most competitive categories, you will pull most of your links from the major search engines and directories. Where you list your sites in the DMOZ directory will determine where the search engine spiders will primarily pull your site for rankings. Be certain to submit your link to the DMOZ directory as soon as your site is completed.

Along with the DMOZ directory, another vital link is Google’s and Yahoo!’s webmaster tools. These will provide you with a detailed report of the location and status of your web site. Google offers a free SEO tool that computes the “value” of your site; while Yahoo! offers a tool that will evaluate the “importance” of your site based on its link popularity. These are excellent starting tools to help you determine your site’s value in the eyes of the search engines.

Before you begin your SEO campaign, you will need to determined the keywords you will be selecting. This requires some research. You will want to determine the competitive nature of the keywords. There are several free keyword tools available; however, for most beginners, using the Google Keyword Tool will be adequate. Start by entering a basic keyword and it will show you the volume of online searches for the same keyword. For example, using study and teaching as a keyword; this will give you a volume reading of approximately 1%. As you can see, with online searches for students wanting to study and teaching; this keyword is rather competitive.

If you desire a more in depth keyword search, enter more specific keywords. As you can see from the search description above, there are many possible keywords out there. The difference between these keywords and phrases is huge. Begin you search by entering Console search in Google AdWords: Keyword Tool to see the search volume and competitiveness of each keyword. These are amazing tools to sort through your keywords.

Another enormous amount of keywords to consider when launching an online campaign are external keywords. These keywords and phrases are what the search engine spiders are indexing your site for. External keywords are those words or phrases that are relevant to your site but are not listed within your site. The construction of your external keywords is influenced by what you believe your online audience desires most. You should also limit your keyword phrases and truly evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen keywords to ensure they will truly provide you with a valuable stream of website traffic.

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