Inventory Processing

Inventory Processing

The inventory includes all the items that are not consumed. These items can include those that have been discarded from sale, and items that have been kept and are not used. Your inventory will more than likely include anything you have bought, and anything you know that is being sold through eBay auctions. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that the items you have make you more money.

Build up an expendable inventory

This means that you eliminate the sale of items that can be sold for less. Don’t build inventory in the first place. Just because you know that every item you purchase can be sold for a dollar or two does not mean that you should try to sell that same item for two dollars. The shipping cost of the item plus that of shipping the item to you makes all other things being equal, the dollar amount you pay for the item less the price you have to include in order to actually make a dollar. One example of this is clothing. Clothing that you can get at an outlet such as Sam’s authorized retailers usually has a tag that sells the clothing for two to eight dollars. The problem is that whatever is left you won’t sell because it is too out of date. Therefore you may want to look for clothing that is listed on eBay. This will give you a better idea of what the market is for the item, which also allows you to plan out your inventory better.

If your company has been around for some time you will have a lot more pricing flexibility when it comes time to list items on eBay. Just because several of the items you have are brand name products, that does not mean that is the price you should list them at. There are also many things that you can purchase at discount or Holiday prices, and list that on eBay and actually gain a discount because of the discount. You never have to pay more for an item than you would on the purchasing websites because you are going on the liquidation of the whole sale items that you don’t use anymore.

Drop Shipping

Another way to make more money on eBay is by using a drop shipping company. This is one of the better ways that you can lower the cost of products that you will list on eBay. A drop shipping company will ship the product to the customer directly from the manufacturer. No buying and holding is required on your part. You will also be able to determine the exact cost that you pay to the drop shipping company, including the cost to ship the item. Using the clothing example, you will know that if you purchase one pair of jeans on a discount site that they will cost a few dollars less than if they were available at the store. These are combined shipping costs. Listing them on eBay is easy. Listing them on a drop shipping site will make it cheaper for a seller receiving third party goods from a wholesaler.

You can also find liquidation items from liquidation sites. This is another area that you have access to thousands of items at an extremely low wholesale price. You can simply purchase these items in bulk or through liquidation sales. Selling these items is also easy to do, and will also make a significant amount of money for you.


To use eBay to make money, it is important to know how to list items the right way. You will have to do some market research and choose the sales price of items with a lot of bids. There are also many things that you can do to make sure that the overhead cost to you will less the difference in dollars. You will enjoy the business more, you won’t have to worry about having to pay to ship it, and it will make you more money. Follow these suggestions and you will make a lot of money selling on eBay, indeed.

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