Internet Marketing, Part 2: Keyword Analysis

Internet Marketing, Part 2: Keyword Analysis


In my last article I mentioned that the best way to use internet marketing to get traffic to your site is to target specific keyword phrases. Part 2 will cover keyword analysis.

Keyword Analysis

The best way to start here is to put yourself in your potential customer shoes. What search phrases would you use to find your own website? Come up with a list of as many as you can. It is best to have a list of keyword phrases built up that are relevant to your website. This will make the research that you put into your keyword analysis easier. You can also note down keyword phrases that are used by your competitors.

Choose keyword phrases that have the highest search volume and the lowest amount of competition as possible. Ranking #1 in Google for a phrase with the search volume of 9,000 per month is much more possible than ranking #64 for a phrase with about 1,000 searches per month.

Choose keyword phrases that would be specific to what you are selling. You should be realistic. If you are selling shoehollows, you should not optimize for the word “shoe” or “footwear”. It is much more cost effective to try to optimize for a keyword phrase like “writers sandals” instead. The shoehollow word has much less competition, but the search engine results for this more specific phrase will be more accurate.

Off Page Optimization

As important as it is to get your on-page optimization right, the reality is that your off-page optimization will determine success or failure with your internet marketing. The first step for off-page optimization is to get your primary site indexed by the search engines. You should first start with the free listings at the ODP and the Yahoo Directory. Depending on the types of services you provide, your local city, state, or even country might not provide listings but at least consider trying to get listed.

Once you are indexed start your off-page optimization. If you are a plumber inHouston, you would want to use the anchor text “Houston Plumber” in your backlinks wherever possible. Use the same anchor text when linking to the actual business website. This will not only better your on-page optimization but it will also result in your website ranking higher in the search engines for your service area.

Use your business name as the anchor text when building links to the website. This will not only better your on-page optimization but it will also build a better reputation for your business. This branding will help your website and business toIntegrate Optimization. That is the next of the steps to bringing your website to the top of the search engines.

Use related keywords: Do not fill your website with every keyword that is related to your business. Think about using the main keyword that describes your type of business. If you are a United Way credit expert, do not use “credit cards”, ” Checking account”, ” lifting capacity”, and so on.

Keep the keyword density to between 2-4%. Too much keyword density will get you penalized by the search engines.


Search Engines will scan HTML and it is what they are looking for. As a matter of fact it is to the point where if you hide all of your HTML tags, then a search engine will not see any of the text and it will not know what to “rank” you for. This is the major area of SEO you need to be concerned about.

Make an impact through your headline: It is important to have a headline that immediately grabs the attention of your site visitors. If you do not have one in order, think of one that will.

Also you should

1) Determine the main topic of your website.

2) Use meta tags to advertise your main topic.

3) Decide on file names for your pages.

4) Link from one page to another in your website.

5) Imagine you are hiring an employee,dog walker, plumber, etc. What would you want the person to type into a search engine to find your website?

Create a great resource: Whether you are providing information or selling products, you want your information to be easily found by your website visitors. Create a top-notch resource to begin with.

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