Email Marketing – What To Suggest to Your List

Email Marketing – What To Suggest to Your List

Email Marketing, as often as I talk to my clients about list building, I am always recommending a specific course. However, I will also mention some other courses that can be very helpful in building a responsive list and in managing your list. This is a better way to introduce yourself to your list. Send a short email to your list introducing yourself and the course that you recommend.

I know that at times I can be a little rough around the edges in trying to come up with a most appropriate course to give my list. In identifying yourself, be honest about what it is that separates you from everyone else. I enjoy many different aspects of being on the Internet. For that reason, I know I will find the right material for the list and develop a relationship with my readers.

Below are some other different courses that can increase your readership:

  1. Video courses

You know video has been a popular way to market online. People like to see you as a real person who is in communication with real people at real times. If you can demonstrate something, even better!

A great book on how to do video marketing came out recently called Camtasia. The book will teach you everything you need to know, not only on optimizing your videos, but also how to get the most viewing traffic possible. Probably the most important part of the book is the step-by-step instructions. They’ve even created a free video training series that you can work through so you can learn how to use this method properly.

  1. Audio courses

I’m sure that everyone on your list visits at least one you have that comes at least some of the time. These audio courses are perfect for those who desire to make a habit of opening up their email. When something interests you or comes to mind you just may want to stop by and check what’s inside.

I’m an artist and carry my 303OTO Earn My scarywa loved community newsletter with me on my iPod. I can usually find some audio course with it. It works great. Next time I’ve picked up the Voice of a Lazy Dog. It’s perfect for me.

  1. eBooks

EBooks are another great way to show your personality and bypass visitors getting tired of clicking on a link to your site to find out more about you. These eBooks can also help you understand your industry or profession.

There are several excellent sites and heavy information sites now that will supply your list with eBooks that they can download onto their computer. You can give your readers follow up emails on any topic related to your field.

I recently found 15 new eBooks that I would have never been able to see. I thought about sharing the moment with several of my list. If they liked the material, they would be interested in this material. They became a part of my target audience list.

  1. Freebies

Everyone loves it when they have won or received something free. When you collect ALL you have to pay for shipping charges, but that allows you to enter that persons email in a draw. You may even be interested the people that you sent the free information right away. This is a great way to keep that list happy because they might actually buy from you down the road!

  1. E- Document

Our business is e- Document. I’ve gotten plenty of emails asking for advice on writing and submitting my own articles. It’s always helpful to answer their questions and get more targeted traffic. In addition, their information will probably be used by others on their list who might want to get in touch with you.

  1. Personal Power Pills

Not everyone is so well-versed in internet marketing because of the technical side of internet marketing. You may not be able to connect with each other personally. This is why it’s important to get your site changes ready. You just might be able to add a personalized signature line that will enable each person on your list to send an email straight from you.

  1. Photo gallery

Images can be a great way to illustrate your point. When you choose to setup your email you can add photos to illustrate a point the reader can see visually. Find a photo that suits your frequency of sending your information.

  1. Questions

I get many questions that are pointed towards many areas. If I send an email with a question, there is a good chance of that email changing for the next email. People are much more likely to return an email if you ask what is on your mind.

I suggest that you add the email address to your email address book. A small feature in your email program works just like a .list file with the most recently created mail entries in it. This will allow you to sort, add or delete the emails that have been emailed from your current list.

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