4 Vital Tips on Website Traffic and Conversion

4 vital Tips on Website Traffic and Conversion

First of all let me just say that traffic is the bottom line of any website online, your website will need people viewing it in order to generate revenue.

1. Determine whether your website can achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).

If you have budget set aside for advertising and promotion it is always a good idea to see if your business is really worth advertising at a financial level. Here are 4 tips to determine whether a website is money worth watching:

1. Look at the commercial value of your website – this is an obvious one but needs to be asked. Is your website making any meaningful money? What is it costing you to run your online business?

This can be simply defined in one word – profit.

2. Consider the “brand-apping” of your website, i.e. in the sense of how it presents your name/brand, i.e. your company image. Does it offer the type of impression that identifies you with your brand as a company? And, does it do this in a way that is congruent with your corporate values?

For example there has never been a more important time to identify yourself and your company as a leaders in your niche than the current financial world. There are sites all over the internet that use your corporate image in a negative way to try and drive website traffic.

Think about it carefully and ask yourself these questions. Who are you trying to draw to your site? How badly do their eyes hurt if they read about your company? Are you really trying to win their business – do you understand how bad it feels to be ignored?

3. Have you done anything to promote your website?

Keep in mind that a website in itself is NOT a marketing tool, it is a way of delivering content that is on the website.

What is important is that good content and no marketing equals a site that looks good.

The bottom line is its presentation and therefore must be attractive to your target market.

Before you start the website promotion campaigns it’s important that you understand your strategy and what you’re trying to achieve.

4. Target your marketing!

A Final word on this topic – always bear in mind that the internet is not any more a place for TV & radio advert broadcasts but a place for people to do business with you.

Only ensure that your marketing focus is specifically about the benefits your customers receive from doing business with you.

Take a page fromnergy TV and radio stations; for example they “target” your customers with both their creative and channel-specific advertising. If customers don’t know what you’re advertising, the majority are going to skip your ad.

Sites that have their sole purpose of delivering visitors to the site are great ideas, but be careful that your site does not do the same thing.

My website promotion strategy is this – the majority of my online traffic comes from the following sources;

1. Search Engine Traffic from Search Engines

2. Content/Traffic from the links on my site

3. Newsletter/Traffic from follow-up E-mails

I have chosen this strategy because it allows my products/services to find a regular stream of new customers, while providing new content that is novel and entertaining.

I have therefore tested the success of this strategy by presenting a series of interesting articles per week (1000 – 2000 words) on my site to my customers. What I found to be most surprising was the impact it made in both click through Rate and conversions resulting from incoming links.

I’m now looking at tweaking the template of my site to make it even more attractive to my customers and applying the above 4 tips to get even more traffic, repeat sales and repeat enquiries.

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