4 Methods to Build a Free Online Income Stream

4 Methods to Build a Free Online Income Stream

4 Methods to Build a Free Online Income Stream

I often hear questions by those looking to generate more money from the internet. Is it actually possible to make a free online income stream?

In my conversations with online business owners, I often hear them state more or less the same thing. “I’d love to make that happen, I’ve heard of many people making cash and killing it on the internet.”

So just how realistic is it? Do you really just need a computer to do something like build a free online income stream?

Maybe I’m a bit biased since I do this type of thing, but when creating you income from the internet it is very realistic to do so.

I learned this from my own experiences.

Let me break down for you the 4 ways I have compiled to make money from the internet.

#1 – Create your own information product

While it can be done on eBay, this is by far the fastest way to get started. But, it isn’t always an easy strategy to utilize.

Some people call it as the “Hittle Impression Model”. More commonly known as the “azine model”.

With a simple idea, create a report and create it by hand.

Once you’re done you can then begin to sell it on the Internet.

However, in order to create a report yourself, you must start out this way.

#2 – Focusing your efforts on a chosen niche

For your free online income stream to be created almost entirely with 3 simple tips.

Your niche must be a basic! model where you have some expertise and passion in.

Some days you will need to get out and learn about the basics and/or niche that your in.

#3 – Become an Affiliate

This is the name given to the act of becoming an affiliate for someone else’s product or service.

What this means is that you can sell someone else’s product or service and earn a commission for doing so.

#4 – Taking action.

This step is absolutely crucial to your success. It will show you instant results with your business in a hyper specific amount of time.

If you take action on your ideas daily and in a greater way, you will always be working toward your goals.

At this point, you may ask yourself how many different ways could I find to create a free online income stream?

Well, here are just a few possibilities.

People are always looking for free solutions and they will gladly respond to your offer if you just give them what they want.

When you see a hot button for example, like “lose weight”, you can target “lose weight” related topics and target them properly.

With searches done consistently, it is very easy to bring the perfect users to your website everyday!

#5 – Referring trusted partners to people

Referring partners, like family and friends to many times can make a huge impact on your free online income stream.

So, find a couple of expired or bankrupt friends every month or so, that may be needing a quick escape, just like you will need.

What you may be able to see is people losing a massive amount of weight, but no one telling them they need to stop doing it, but their asking for you to rid your body of the hunger!

The goal here is to get that person to again visit your website and potentially buy some of the products or services you are selling.

Anyway, let’s review, creating you own income stream is easy if you find a solid need and target it. Take action and reap the bets return on your time and efforts.

Offering to do the work of someone else or buying their services or products is something every business owner whether online or offline should consider doing to build your business and to make money.

“But, I already work full time and have a 9 to 5!”

• What is your time difference?

• Are you waiting until people come into your store only to open it for 10 minutes then get on with it?

• Now, tell me honestly, can you really decrease your time working and double or triple everything you make while still having a 9 to 5?

• Are you part of the 90% of people that can’t create a free online income stream?

Well, you are! – thanks to the internet!

• Would you rather have something handed to you, more than likely you will purchase it? Part of the secret is to do it regularly, no matter what the cost means.

• Have you heard about the laziness cycle? Of course, you have, it takes 4 hours to finish a 12 page book, would it take four hours to get a $400 product up and ready for sale?

• Are you someone who would put in 20 hours of work for $40?

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